From an IT perspective, we are all facing challenging times.

Business continuity, secure homeworking, ensuring good internal communication, these objectives were already present, but they have now become of paramount importance and a lot of energy has been deployed to ensure they are met as fast as possible.

We must now ensure that this has not been done too hastily.

For customers under agile.IT & Proactive support, this already includes a sharper monitoring of Cloud services, Telecoms and a context focused proactive IT management.

But users, unaware of measures in place and procedures may revert to personal tools to accomplish their daily tasks. This behaviour, referred to as Shadow IT may lead to data loss, or privacy breach.
Well known threats, like phishing have just powered up while home-working users, no more protected behind corporate firewalls, are more exposed to them. Remote working, sometimes based on personal computers might have open doors that need to be monitored and secured as much as possible.

Remote coachings allow us to meet these challenges:

  • Taking advantages of RMM tools in which, we have been investing for a long time, our coaches can monitor your IT infrastructure, perform regular maintenance of servers and take control of user’s computers to fix issues.
  • Remote coaching still allows to remain present for your users, answer their questions and communicate best practices and new procedures.

More than ever, our Informagiciens team is available for you!