Small- or medium-sized enterprises/organisations have very specific IT needs.

  • Their functional needs are similar to those of large businesses, but they do not have their size, and therefore do not benefit from the scale effect.
  • They must stay flexible, agile and focussed on their field.
  • Their needs are standard but, in their specialist field, in which they have significant added value, performance must be exceptional.
  • Profit margins and budgets are under pressure: IT costs must be kept under control.
  • Must meet growing data protection regulation as GDPR.

As our services packages, the agile.IT solution has been designed and build especially to cover needs of SMEs / PMOs

How agile-IT deliver value through operational reliability ,eMonitoring and issues prevention


Regular accompaniment of users: assistance and advice for solving daily problems and facilitation of the use of available IT tools.


Full management , monitoring & inventory of your IT network and devices to provide you efficient support in your daily work relying on optimized and secured IT Systems.


Intervention on site or remotely; in French or English; our Service Desk deals with your requests, whether they are planned or are emergencies.

Audit & Consulting

Expertise in the field of security, local network architecture, Cloud or hybrid. Performance of audits and proposed solutions based on your expectations and your existing infrastructure.

Project management

Management of your IT projects: migration, integration, moves, … We support you from the reflection phase to implementation of the adopted solution.

Proactive lifecycle

Supervision, documentation and deployment of your IT infrastructure. Anticipation of needs and short- and long-term budgetary forecasts.