Faced with the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic, we have been reflecting and preparing for several days the different possible scenarios with and for our customers.

For societal respect and prudence for our families, we take reasonable measures to avoid, as far as possible, becoming vectors of contagion.

Our information and operating systems in which we continually invest partially free us from geographic constraints.

  • Regarding infrastructure support, we have the tools to work remotely without losing efficiency. Our agile-IT services already provide us with daily management of your network.
  • For user support, which will be particularly important for teleworkers, we recommend organizing together a “remote ICT coaching” whose formula can be adapted to current needs.

Update 16/03/2020
Following the evolution of the epidemic, we have reorganized our services to guarantee you a qualitative service while protecting our respective teams and their loved ones.

Concretely, this means:

  • Our Service Desk has been significantly strengthened in order to best respond to requests which – given the situation – have increased considerably. However, it is possible that response times may be slightly longer than usual.
  • Regarding coaching, we encourage you to keep it at a distance. Your coach will be available at the same time slots as during his periodic visits and will be able to directly take care of your users’ requests while ensuring the maintenance of your IT infrastructure and support your user remote access.

Update 18/03/2020
Following the strengthening of health measures, we would like to reaffirm to you that our services – including coaching – are all maintained, but of course remotely.

Today more than yesterday, the proper functioning of your infrastructure and user support is essential. We have tripled our Service Desk team to provide your teams with the most effective support possible given the circumstances.

Thank you again for your patience and your great solidarity at these times.