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Through a regular presence in your offices, your IT Coach joins your team and becomes your advisor. He takes care to ensure the long-term life of the system, prevent breakdowns, resolve user problems and consolidate users' training. In addition, telephone support (HelpDesk) is available to the customer coordinator (by telephone, fax or e-mail).

The advantages of IT Coaching

  • Personalised service
    With NETiKA's IT Coaching, you have the resources you need at the right time. Your coach knows you; when he is on your premises he works for you, for your benefit and under your supervision. He is available to your users and he listens, supports, troubleshoots, etc.
  • Flexibility
    IT Coaching automatically adapts to changing needs, either increased or reduced quarterly. Your Coach is your IT consultant, and for more complex needs, your best interpreter.
  • Durability
    In a field where all technologies are evolving rapidly, the right choices must be made at the right time. Today, only a multidisciplinary team, sharing the good practice of a hundred important customers, can provide this durability.
  • Control of costs
    IT Coaching enables all your team to concentrate fully on their jobs, without any time lost or hidden costs. Our IT Coaching package means you can benefit from hourly rates, access to telephone support and priority call-outs in emergencies. 
  • Dynamism
    For NETiKA inforMagiciens , IT is a passion. IT Coaching allows you to exploit this dynamism. A coach becomes part of your team very quickly and maintains friendly relations with its members. 
  • Efficiency
    Your IT Coach has a team behind him with whom he shares his information and his problems. He capitalises on the experience and best practices acquired in his work for many other companies. When on leave or sick, your IT Coach will be temporarily replaced by a substitute if you wish, who will already know you.

Financial description

Based on your needs, the IT Coaching ·services – and as far as possible all other services– are assigned each month. A monthly report listing the services provided will be sent each month in addition to the IT Coaching report sent after each intervention.
A breakdown of services provided and planned services is made at the end of each quarter. Depending on the situation, the planned services can be adjusted up or down.



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