Our services

We don't know each other? We offer an IT audit. It is free and allows you simultaneously quickly and objectively to assess your IT infrastructure and evaluate us.

COGNiKA, a great information and documentation tool enables all our inforMagiciens to intervene effectively and professionally on any of our customers' sites.

IT•Coaching is your IT specialist that is part time and part cost but with full dedication! He will be with you periodically, according to your needs. If he is sick or on leave, you will already have met his substitute who will provide a quality replacement.

Our ServiceDesk starts dealing with all your problems within a quarter of an hour, from 8.00 to 18.00, as part of remote assistance, a service package or à la carte.

Certain tasks can be carried out remotely, efficiently and at lower cost. Our ServiceDesk will organise the remote management of your IT.

On-site assistance is regularly required to replace or install a new computer, analyse a complex problem, resolve a breakdown, train a user, etc.

eMonitoring of your servers enables monitoring of their proper operation, professional intervention in case of breakdown and to give properly founded advice.

Are you planning a move? We handle all aspects of IT and telecoms so that on Monday morning users find the same IT environment as the one that switched off on Friday afternoon.

Are you looking for an external backup solution that is simple, clear and does not bind you to a long-term obscure contract? Our system supports the data from your laptops and/or your servers.

Our mission is to integrate into your IT infrastructure the components that best suit your business. What we do, we wish to do well, so we do not do everything but we work in harmony with other partners: developers, cabling firms, electricians, ERP, business specialists, etc.
We are not smarter but the experience accumulated on a daily basis for over 20 years, working with hundreds of companies and organisations of the same size means you receive advice based on the best practices in IT and telecommunications.

We also help you manage your investments and your IT budget. We will seek with you the solution that best fits your needs, whether it is financing, long-term rental or swap leasing.

Whether it is a move, an important renewal or the integration of a large application, an ERP for example, we provide the management of the project with professionalism and pragmatism.


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